What is WILL? The WILL to live, the WILL to persevere, the WILL to be a warrior. WILL is: the mental choice you make at that given moment when it makes a difference.

Inspired by the WILL, love, athlete, light, strength, and faith that’s in all of us; CHILLBYWILL has created high quality athletic apparel that’s inspired by the everyday woman and meant for wear on the street, at the gym, and everywhere in between. Proudly made in the USA, we’ve taken a basic look and added a style that’s only CHILLBYWILL. Our athletic mesh, body shaping cuts and fabrics that are sleek, smooth and comfortable strive to flatter all body shapes and sizes.

CHILLBYWILL was a natural next step for founders Christina Malizia, a top fitness trainer from Philadelphia and Corrina Wall a Los Angeles native, dancer and entrepreneur. Corrina is an established clothing designer, whom has been immersed in fitness and fashion her entire life. Christina has been working with Los Angeles’ premier fitness training studio Burn 60 since 2008, and is passionate about helping others get fit and healthy. Over the years, Christina has been asked regularly by top athletic wear companies, including Lululemon and Splits 59 for personal feedback on their apparel. She knew she had to start her own line.

We believe that with a little inspiration and a whole lot of comfort, every woman can do anything and everything they set their minds to.

CHILLBYWILL... helping you find the WILL to be the best you.


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